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May 8, 2013

Losernomics #2: The internet backlash against Charles Ramsey fame.

Bad meme, bad!

Charles Ramsey has become an overnight sensation on the internet. The reportedly lower-income black person with a vigorous, animated speaking style and quick with his own brand of witticisms has become an internet phenomenon and according to some, “that ain’t right”.

Exactly what’s wrong with this is a mystery to me. The Atlantic Wire is quick with a lecture on how Ramsey’s heroism should be celebrated, and what should or shouldn’t motivate anybody who celebrates it:

But he’s a meme because he’s black and poor, and because so many choose to ignore the horrible realities of the crime. And, sure, pretty entertaining for a couple minutes, but we’d like to add our support to Klee’s proposal: “Just this once let’s celebrate the man himself—without using .gifs or Photoshop,” he writes. Even though we know that isn’t happening.

Slate magazine (which is quickly becoming more insufferably sanctimonious than even Huffpo) lamented  “The Troubling Viral Trend of the “Hilarious” Black Neighbor”

It’s difficult to watch these videos and not sense that their popularity has something to do with a persistent, if unconscious, desire to see black people perform.

Actually, maybe it’s easy to watch these videos because we see everyday, unpackaged, genuine people talking about real heroism in their own, unique personal styles that haven’t been reduced to homogenous, politically sanitized talking points.

Yes, people will seize on this make memes, he’ll probably get an endorsement deal out of it and possibly take a humiliating run at “celebrity” for a short time, but really, is that a “poor black thing?” -At least it’s better than being turned into a meme for  being a stupid white loser.

Next I’m expecting some dipshit politician to seize on sentiment like this and propose “an acceptable meme” bill in Congress.

Listen, this guy is a character and that character got put in front of the camera for a few minutes and he nailed it. Anybody who is deeply analyzing this for any hints of racism, oppression or condescension is a navel gazing idiot.

Get the fuck over yourselves and move on. Sit down, STFU and let the man have his moment because I’m sure those three women who were rescued don’t want all these pontificating windbag philosophers clambering all over them anyway.