Coming Soon: The End of Internet Marketing

“I’m sick of all the internet marketing bullshit I’m seeing every day – and here’s what I’m going to do about it….”

Most online gurus simply teach marketing systems for selling vapourware to wannabes.

» The AntiGuru cometh «

An honest-to-god successful internet entrepreneur, businessman, wealth builder and investor is going to blow the lid off of 99% of the online guru hype out there and tell you exactly what works and how to build a sustainable lifestyle business that adds value and actually does something tangible.

Why Am I Doing This?

Click here to read about my epiphany, when I realized that most “information marketers” are selling empty systems intended soley to perpetuate themselves, not to help you build something tangible and real or take your existing business to the next level.

Who is Doing This?

This year I received an unsolicited all cash offer to sell my main business for an 8-digit sum. I turned it down.

My business…

  • does no marketing, has no salesforce, and has no “back end” upsell
  • has never been featured in TechCrunch, Slashdot or Digg – yet those sites or their founders have all been past or are currently customers of mine.
  • my net income was a stunning 33% of gross revenues, which were flat to moderately UP the last three years, while the economy imploded and the stock market crashed
  • runs with or without me. I’ve spent less time there since by daughter was born while the business hummed along.

Coming Soon

  • The AntiGuru approach to genuine wealth building, business building and capital allocation.
  • The Great Debunking: what’s real and what’s B/S – how to sniff vaporware from a mile away.
  • Most business systems are circular and pointless: marketing systems that teach you how to sell marketing systems to lemmings. Do something real learn how here.

Don’t Worry – Availability is NOT limited and this is NOT a time limited offer.

(Whenever you see “limited time offer” or “spaces are limited” on the internet – you’re being marketed to. Here ends lesson one.)