September 28, 2012

Your Brilliant Idea is Useless

People often pitch me on “great ideas”, they have a revolutionary new product idea, they’ve got an idea for a website/magazine/restaurant that “can’t fail”, some small company assures me that they have something that will make them into “the next Microsoft/Google/Apple”, etc. Brilliant ideas make my eyes glaze over. Why?

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April 20, 2012

The Keys To the Kingdom of Fabulous Wealth are Lying at the Bottom of your Junk Drawer

I have seven brothers-in-law, and they are all financial illiterates. Both sides of the family: my wife’s brothers and  my sisters husbands. It would be more poetic if each one corresponded to the “7 Deadly Sins” but they all correspond to sloth and I don’t think being financially clueless is one of the deadly sins. […]

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