August 26, 2011

Departing the Mob

Found in a backup of an old journal:

Average people require ideologies and belief systems to numb their minds.  They need an either overtly or subtley authoritarian societal structure to keep the wheels on civilization. They are perpetually interchangeble, replaceable components of “The Mob”.

Non-average people set out to accomplish whatever they set their minds to, regardless of what the rules or social norms are.

In just societies every single average person has the choice to make the leap from average to non-average but it is not easy. There are barriers and hurdles to overcome and this is part of the process.  Some of these barriers are societal, some are conventional, but most are personal.

The thought to cease being average and become non-average simply never occurs to most average people, and to those it does, they find the process difficult and discouraging. Of the minority of the herd who attempt it, most drop out and languish on the fringes of the herd as beatniks and malcontents.

If it was easy, everybody would be doing it. That’s what being average is all about.


topcat - August 19, 2012

Just a quick note. I purchased the book “What Self-Made Millionairs Really, Think, Know and Do” for 49 cents on amazon.

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