January 28, 2011

My First Mashup! Hillary Clinton meets Highway To Hell

I just had my ears opened to the world of music mashups this week, and it’s pretty cool (although a veritable time sink, to be sure). While I always knew mashups existed, I didn’t really pay attention to them until I stumbled onto GotRadio’s Mashups channel this week. Wow!

So naturally I wanted to know what tools people use to create these things, turns out there’s a free tool called Audacity that makes it all possible. And then there are video tutorials and online help galore. I used this page to learn how to remove the vocal track from your audio so you can insert other….stuff.

Inserting the “other stuff” is where it gets fun. I’ve posted my first mashup here. Highway To Hell….featuring Hillary Clinton, Sen Joe Lieberman, Jim Cramer, Janet Napolitano and a special guest at the end who I won’t reveal, but to the hackers out there let’s just say it’s a shout-out to Godwin’s Law!

Download my Highway To Hell Mashup (.mp3 300 Mb)