July 26, 2010

Would you pay $800 to receive advice from this man?

Steve Pavlina is a wonderful source of amusement to me, I subscribe to his blog with a morbid fascination of a gawker at a car wreck. I noticed a few days ago that Steve had decided to auction a one-hour consultation with himself on Ebay (translation: “I don’t think I’m gonna make my mortgage payment this month unless I manifest a grand, fast”).

steve-pavlina-profileThe winning bidder can use the one-hour consultation to ask Steve about anything:

You can ask for help or advice regarding anything you desire — personal or professional challenges, blogging, online business, career transitions, financial abundance, health, relationships, spiritual growth, habit change, etc. You can even spend an hour pitching me on a business proposal if that’s your thing.

In the last year Steve’s marriage imploded, he basically left his wife and two kids to be with other women and explore the personal growth aspects of domination/submission.  But don’t worry about the effect the divorce will have on his two kids, they are fine with it because

Las Vegas is a place where divorce is pretty common, so our kids have friends that have seen their parents get divorced

Glad that’s taken care of. Attesting to his financial/business acumen he and is ex “own” two houses in Las Vegas that have no equity and are under-water on their mortgages.

Right now the bid is at $820. Act now, go big and perhaps, for about a thousand dollars or so, you can spend an hour being told how to live your life, improve your relationships or conduct your business affairs by this man.

UPDATE, July 28: I wanted to check out what the current bid was at it looks like the auction listing has been removed from eBay. Then I found out why on twitter.

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