September 21, 2010

Why I’m an anonymous success coach.

It must seem pretty audacious. I just sit here taking shots at the snake-oil-salesmen from behind my veil of anonymity. Why should anybody take me seriously?

Well, you don’t have to. If you find the things you learn here of value, then run with it and remember where you read it. If not, then have a nice day.

But the reason I do not choose to reveal myself at this time is for personal reasons….The main thing is this: I have a morbid fear of “big-shot-ism”. I come to the office maybe 2 or 3 times a week and have to face a staff of 10 people who work for me, many of them for over 10 years. They have to be here every day. They have set work hours. They’re on a clock, getting paid but workin’ for da man. And I’m “da man”.

So what I don’t want to be is an asshole who rubs people’s face in the fact that I’m rich. Especially my employees. Sure, if any of them wanted to look at what I have and decided they wanted it for themselves, by all means they’re welcome to take a shot. All you have to do is forgo the security of a paycheque, start a business, work your ass off and get lucky. Because success is a combination of balls, brains, work and luck, with a side order of tenacity  (and if you want to last, then I think humility is also essential).

One time, a particularly envious relative was over visiting the office with his daughter and as they were leaving he stopped in the foyer of the office, dramatically swept his hand across the office and said, in a voice much louder than it needed to be “See Carrie? All these people work for your Uncle AntiGuru” (he called me by name, but in any case I was gobstopped and mortified.)

I am fortunate and grateful to be successful. Not everybody is in life. There are people who deserve success who never achieve it, and there are people who achieve far greater success and wealth than I who don’t.

So for a long time I wanted to write about what I know, but I was very averse to coming out on some self-gratifying domain name (like and basically telling it like it is (see My Epiphany). I write a number of blogs and the rest of them can all be tied back to my true identity or that of my main business. If you compared those ones to this one you’d see a palpable “pulling of punches” on them.

Here I can let it all hang out. As we say in AA, which I am a member of, because I’m a drunk (sober 12 years), “take the message, leave the messenger”.

Because I’m anonymous, I can say things here I’m not comfortable saying anywhere else. Hopefully you, the reader, will derive more benefit from that candor than by being able to place a face to the blog.


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topcat - August 19, 2012

Great advise,Please keep it up!

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